An Overview of Mood Disorders

28 Jun

Mood disorders are the most common mental illnesses among adults. mood disorders are mental illnesses in which the sufferer experiences moods which are unusual for the circumstances in which they find themselves. Among the most common mood disorders are depression, bipolar disease, seasonal affective disorders, cyclothymia, and pospartum depression.

it is believed they affect about 8 to 10%of the population at any one time. they cause a significant impediment to one’s ability to function socially, at work, or in any aspect of life.

Brief overviews of the most common mood disorders follow:

Depression: people suffering from depression (sometimes called unipolar depression) lose interest in their normal activities.

Bipolar Disorders: this disorders is characterized by extreme mood swings, interspersed with periods of normal behavior.

Seasonal Affective Disorders: the symptoms are similar to those of major depression, but they occur during late autum, winter and early spring when the hours of sunlight are few.

Cyclothymia: this is a mild form of bipolar disorders. the patient experiences short periods of emotional highs and lows interspersed with periods during which his moods are stable.

Postpartum Depression: this is a type of major depression which sometimes occurs in women who have recently given birth. it can interfere with a mother’s ability to bond with her infant.



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